16 July 2017


We have our first sunflower of the season. :) I first started planting these sunflowers the year we had our miscarriages, as a tribute to our lost babies. Every fall I harvest some of their seeds to plant in the spring, then every summer when they bloom it kind of soothes my soul in a way. The year Noah died I'd sit in the sunflower house crying, watching the bees go flower to flower, missing my little boy. By then the 5 sunflowers of my first year had grown to a sunflower house of nearly 40. I'd breathe deep, sitting in their shade while the sunflowers swayed side to side, supporting each other against the wind, acting as sentries for my broken heart. I didn't do a sunflower house this year, just planted a few along the fence, but this guy came up on his own anyway where the sunflower house grew last year. Persistent, resilient, they keep coming, working their soothing magic on my still healing heart. ❤

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