21 July 2017

Bonus Buddy's Last Night

Tonight is our little bonus buddy's last night in our home. Tomorrow morning we say goodbye and take him to live with his forever family. Fostering is hard. Being a good foster parent means constantly making choices that are going to be the best for these littles you love, even when it means breaking your own heart. This boy has been the most joyful little person we've ever had in our home and his smiles and giggles are going to be so missed. My little dude is going to have a great life. He'll be immediately surrounded by people who are so ready to love him deeply and forever. His new/forever parents are just the kind of kind-hearted people I had hoped for. A new family is being made, my joyful buddy is going to his final home, and we can be proud of the work we did while he was here.

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