15 June 2015

We Have An Adoption Date!

"Now that we've told Aurelia we can tell everyone else :) ........ Before the end of June we will be adopting our foster son! :-D His DCFS case will close and he will permanently and forever be a [C]. :) Everything we have been through has helped prepare us for this little boy and we're so thankful that he will be staying forever. :) I'm also thankful I can add that our adoption is happening with his birth parents' blessing. :)"  - 14 June 2015

There isn't much more to add to that. :) Bonus Kiddo is staying. Forever. :) I can't share details about how his case came to adoption but here are the small tidbits I can add.

Everything that possibly, reasonably could've been done to get him home with his biological parents was done. No resource was spared and every offering was made.

His biological parents both gave their blessing for the adoption. That's not to say it wasn't hard on them, but they know we care about them and Bonus Kiddo and I think that helped them have peace about him staying with us.

After we go to court he will be completely ours. There is a 6 month supervisory period for adoptions in Utah but ours started when he came into our care 9 months ago. When we leave the courtroom next week everything will be done. His adoption will be finalized, his DCFS case will be closed and it will be like he was born into our family. :)

Being final also means we can share pictures!!! I can't wait to post a million pictures of his beautiful little self. :) I plan to start sharing before we even get home from the courthouse. :)

Let's see, what else? Um, we love him. A lot. :) We're excited about the great life ahead for all of us. :)

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