17 June 2015

Names Have Power

“Names have power.” 

― Rick Riordan, The Lightning Thief

When Daniel and I became foster parents we felt strongly that if ever we adopted from foster care we wouldn't change the child's name unless it was something awful that would always be a weight around their neck (ie, 'Chaos'). 

When our Bonus Kiddo came to us we were glad a name change wouldn't even be a thought because his name was cute and normal. Daniel and I didn't discuss it because there was nothing to discuss, we both feel strongly about not changing a child's (non-newborn's) name.

During the last few months of his case though, after both parental rights ended, both of us started to have this nagging feeling that his name needed to change. We decided to at least entertain the idea and be completely sure of our decision to leave his name.

We already knew that when we adopt him next week (next week!) he would be getting our last name. We started putting a lot of prayer and thought into his first name and continued to feel like we should change it when we adopt him.

After a lot of discussion, study (meanings, history, etc.) and prayer we made a short list of a few name combinations and went to the temple together to think and pray some more.

As soon as we sat down in our car after leaving the temple I asked Daniel if there was a name that stuck out in his mind. While in the temple one name wouldn't leave my mind, for me that was it, but I wanted to hear his thoughts unaffected by my own. He thought of the same name. :) That was it. We had our answer and we were both sure that this was supposed to be his new name.

It was weird to feel so sure of something we had been firmly against, but we knew it was right and that we hadn't reached this decision flippantly. 

Shortly after we decided to change his name we found out some very serious information that showed we made the right choice. His name absolutely needed to be changed. Both for us and for him, he needed this new name.

I'm glad we came to the decision on our own, thoughtfully and prayerfully, before we found out the information that came to light afterward. I think it would've bothered me to make the decision afterward, like it was forced or something. Anyway, it was the right choice and we know that even more now. :)

So, on a lighter note, we're ready to share our almost-son's name. :)

In one week we will get to formally and fully introduce our son...Ezra. :)

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