15 June 2015

Court Again or "Just about the most in trouble I've ever been with the law"

"Court again, court again, jiggity jig. This little guy's case is wrapping up and today will give us a better idea of exactly what that means." - March 2015

So after our emergency court hearing in February we were scheduled for another hearing at the end of March. Court was on a Monday and on Friday at about 3:00pm I found out information that was vital (VITAL) for having a productive hearing on Monday. I called the caseworker, she hurried to call the Attorney General's office before the end of business and we waited for Monday, hoping everything would be processed in time.

When Daniel and I arrived at court we learned that the information I found had come in just in time and everything had fallen into place.

After we were seated in the court room but before court began someone involved in the case asked me a question across the room. About 20 people were in the court room, some doing their own preparation, some paying attention to the question asked to me. The judge wasn't in yet so I didn't think much of it and I went ahead and answered. She asked something else and again I answered.

Then, an imposing, well-built...sheriff's deputy? I'm not sure what he is. The guy in uniform with the cuffs, gun, the whole nine, who walks everyone in and stands at the front of the courtroom. Anyway, this officer of the law walks across the court room to me, leans down and says, "You're not allowed to talk to [her]". 

"Sorry!" I said in a loud whisper. "I didn't know."

Okay, so this story might not sound that bad but I was MORTIFIED. There are only two other times I've been even remotely in trouble with the law (I know this wasn't really "trouble" but it felt like it). I've never even been so much as pulled over!

Anyway, I turned beet red, stared wide-eyed at the ground with my hands in my lap and my loving husband sat there with a grin on his face. I was relieved when the judge finally walked in and all attention was turned to him.

Court was emotional, court had hard parts but I was starting to feel used to it. This court hearing put our foster son's case firmly in it's new and final direction.

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