29 May 2015

The Story That Can't Be Told

As I wrote in my last post, we left court not knowing we'd be right back a few weeks later. I've been trying to figure out what and how to write about what happened next in our bonus kiddo's case. There isn't much more I can or should share. Let's start here and I'll add anything I feel is okay to add in...

"This morning we found out that due to some new circumstances in his case we'll be having another court hearing on Monday for this little space ranger. It'll be somewhat similar to the one we had just a few weeks ago, but with some added/new considerations for the judge. There still aren't any plans for him to go anywhere anytime soon. :) Please pray that everything continues to work out in the best interest of this little guy. :)" - February 2015

....something had happened. Something serious. Something negative. DCFS got us back into court with the judge. That's about all I can or should share about that.

"Last week brought huge progress and positive change for this little guy. In court on Monday there was a significant change to his case that will ensure his long-term safety and well-being. Of course I can't give details but it was a good and permanent change that eliminates some of the biggest concerns for his future. He also fell asleep for the first time without being tightly swaddled or held. Even just a month ago we weren't sure he would ever get to have truly restful sleep as an infant, but then this picture happened. :) And lastly, this sweet little bug turned 6 months old. :) We are so happy for him and all the good that is happening in his life." - March 2015

When we went back to court for this emergency hearing (I don't think that was an official title but I think it's appropriate) I went to court alone because our Bonus Kiddo was sick so Daniel stayed home to take care of the kids (usually Bonus Kiddo comes with us). Daniel and I discussed all the possible outcomes from court based on who might or might not come. "If this person is there then either this or this could happen. If this person isn't there then this might happen but that couldn't happen." I mentally prepared for the various possible outcomes.

When one of the defense attorneys walked by our caseworker before court, she (the caseworker) handed him some papers and said, "just in case he wants these..."

DCFS again presented the same petitions to the judge that had been put forward at our review hearing a few weeks earlier. This time however, they were ALL approved, every last one (even the long shots). Well, half of them became irrelevant...

This is the part I've struggled with writing the most. Part of what happened in court was really a great and positive experience. I cried and cried HARD through nearly the entire thing. It was painful but positive (and necessary). But, it's not my story to tell. I think the people involved would be okay with me sharing what happened but until I'm able to get permission from them I won't feel comfortable detailing the events of court that day. I've written down every detail so that someday our Bonus Kiddo will know. He'll know how it felt and what was said.

So there it kind of is, the story that isn't really a story. Something bad happened, people were involved, we went back to court, huge things happened at court, and now it's May...and he's still here with us. :)

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