04 August 2014

First Disneyland Trip

A few months ago we went to Disneyland and it was...so fantastic. Disneyland is already one of my favorite places, Disneyland with kids is giddy and magical and all things childhood should be.

We don't live very far from Disneyland so we were planning to leave in the morning and drive it in one leisurely go, but a big storm changed our plans and we left the night before and stayed the night in Las Vegas. Oh my goodness, here's a tip for you. Go to Vegas mid-week, off-season and ask for a free upgrade. We stayed in an awesome villa for dirt cheap and it was a blast :)

We spent four days at Disneyland and California Adventure, so here goes the picture overload...

This was what Aurelia wanted to bring, some stuffed animals and the balloons from Noah's last hospital stay.

Our countdown calendar, run by the 3-year-old :)

Aurelia has a set of princess keys and she told Daniel he HAD to use the princess keys to get us to Disneyland. So Daniel taped the keys to the car key and drove all the way to Anaheim like this :)

Jumping on the bed in our Vegas hotel room :)

We rode the carousel first thing in the morning and as one of the last rides at night (that's why her jacket is on in every picture) :)

Meeting Mickey, Daisy and waiting in line to meet Elsa and Anna.

We stayed in a hotel literally right across the street from the entrance to the parks, and we brought our own food. That meant we could easily go back to our room to have yummy lunches and dinners.

Princess Sofia holding hands with her daddy in line. 
Rides, rides, rides! We LOVED the 3D Toy Story ride in California Adventure.

Princess overload: Ariel, Cinderella, Aurora, Rapunzel, and Elsa

Talking to Aurora.

Every night the teacups were one of the last things we did. They have these colorful lantern lights on at night that make it extra magical. 

The fireworks were *sigh* so fantastic

Little Miss was so tuckered out each night :) There was too much fun and excitement to stay awake all the way back to the hotel :) Pretty much as soon as we did the final rides and said we were headed back she just curled up and zonked out :) One night we walked to Cold Stone after leaving the parks and Daniel and I had a little ice cream date with Aurelia asleep in the stroller. She didn't wake the slightest bit through the whole thing :)

It was really really great to get away and spend time together as a family.


  1. ah these pictures make me so happy! you guys are so cute. we love you and miss you terribly. any plans to come visit again any time soon?!

    1. Hopefully, Hollijo! I've been meaning to email you. I'll write tomorrow morning :)