18 June 2014


Daniel had a business trip to Atlanta last month, and since his work was already sending him out there we decided to get plane tickets for Aurelia and I and go visit family. Daniel had to work a good amount while we were there but we still had time for Zoo Atlanta, the Georgia Aquarium and some local playing and exploring.

No checked bags (or carseat) for us.

Stretching out to sleep while Daddy works on the plane, more sleeping, being a goof in Daniel's hat :)

We had a layover in Denver with a delayed second flight and got into Atlanta at about 1:30am. Even though it was late it was kind of cool to walk through an empty airport and out into empty streets. As soon as we stepped out the doors of the airport the air was warm, humid and heavily perfumed with honeysuckle and other blooms. It was perfect and I was in love. 

Exploring grandma and grandpa's backyard, playing at an AMAZING park near their home.

Zoo Atlanta

Feeding giraffes!
Coziest. snuggle. ever.

I keep trying to convince Daniel we should get a goat :)

He kept dozing and wobbling until..."I'm so...sleepy...I...*thud*" 

Someone REALLY loves her cousin, Jude :-) Who wouldn't? He is one of the most thoughtful, compassionate, caring, loving little boys out there.  We adore him :-)


Someday we'll have a goat and "Hey Daddy, take my picture in this bamboo!"

One of my favorite pictures. This sums Aurelia up: Curls, Twirls, Tutus.

Loving the slide at Zoo Atlanta, static and all :)

Georgia Aquarium

I thought we had more pictures of the aquarium so I'm pretty sure they're on our camera that's MIA. That's alright, the whale shark was the best part :)

Home again, home again...

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