29 May 2014

Kids' Calendar

Every day Aurelia was asking the same questions, "does daddy go to work today?" "Is today my swimming class?" "Is today my tumbling class?" So when my friend Heather wrote a post on her blog, The Coterie Blog, about this cute calendar she made I knew Aurelia would love it.

Monday through Friday there is a little train picture to let her know those are the days Daniel goes to work (on the train). It has the three front "triangle" lights she spots when we watch for the train to come in. Then we've got pictures for tumbling, swimming, church and play dates with friends, and we use a cute little flower hair clip to let her know which day we're on. She helped pick colors and shapes and glued the lights on the trains. I thought this was a great idea, Aurelia loves it and now she knows when we're doing each of her activities :)

The only things I wish I'd have done differently when making our calendar is use that blue putty stuff to stick the pictures to the calendar (I used velcro), and I would've (and will for future pictures) used something thicker like card stock or...I don't know, just something thicker than construction paper for the pictures.

You can see more of Heather's fantastic ideas and her beautiful family on Instagram @heathmild.

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