03 April 2014

Days of Healing

I always want my blogging to be either cathartic or helpful to others in some way. Yesterday's blog post I feel was neither. I don't feel any better having shared how hard it is to watch Aurelia grieve. Maybe it helped a few people understand the complexities of grieving adults with grieving children -- I hope so. I had never thought about the difficulties of helping your child grieve while you're grieving until my cousin (a mother of two) became a widow a little over a year ago. I guess if anything were to come from the last blog post please let it be an understanding of how grief affects an entire family, and how hard it is on parents to watch their children hurting while they are trying to trudge through their own pain. 

I think there have been enough people who have written about our kind of grief (losing a child) in enough detail that I don't feel the call to add to their voices. I don't feel the need to share this part of our path as strongly as I did our struggles through infertility and adoption.

I don't think describing the painful parts of our grief will serve my purposes of catharsis or helping others. Instead, going forward I want to focus on sharing how we're surviving and how we're going to make it through this. Every day I'm going to focus on our path of healing. I'm going to share what we're doing and the things that are helping us put ourselves back together. These will be our days of healing. Rather than sharing the painful steps of our path, I'm going to share the small joys we find along the way, and how we keep moving forward.

Isaiah 53:4
"Surely he hath borne our griefs, and carried our sorrows..."

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  1. Thank you for sharing this. See my facebook msg to you. I love ya!