15 November 2013

He's Five Pounds!

Noah has finally hit five pounds! :) These were his stats from today's pediatrician appointment...

Weight: 5lbs 1/2oz!
Head: 15in
Length: 19in

Have you seen the "How is Noah today?" tab at the top of the blog? It was next to impossible to keep everyone updated all the time so we added that section to give quick, up to date information on how Noah is progressing. 

Our main focus with Noah right now is just gaining weight. He's going to have difficulty hitting a lot of development milestones until we can thicken up his body to better handle his fantastically brain accommodating head :) All of him is small but his body is substantially smaller than his head which just makes it tricky for the little guy to maneuver.

He's growing and that is fantastic :) He loves music :) His birth mom sang to him and played music for him while he was in her belly. I know I've already said that in our blog but I just love so much that she did that :) He listens attentively to music we play and smiles and gets excited for singing :)

He has his birth mom's big, beauuuuutiful eyes. That is usually what people comment on and I love saying "he get's them from his birth mom! You should see her eyes, they're gorgeous!"

I've been trying to work on some blog posts to give insight into adoption but there is next to no time ever. There are some things I really want to share though so hopefully this weekend I'll get a bit more time :)

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