05 November 2013

Belated Halloween

I can't believe I forgot to post this picture!

Proud big sister :)
For Halloween Aurelia was Word Girl (a PBS super hero) and Noah wore a cute little preemie pumpkin outfit from his birth grandma :) For Aurelia's costume I made a no-sew cape from yellow felt (using this tutorial) and hand-sewed the Word Girl star onto the chest of a red hoodie.

We went as a whole family and trick-or-treated a few blocks in our neighborhood :) I walked with Aurelia while Daniel stayed on the sidewalks with Noah. I wish we had gotten a picture of Noah out trick-or-treating :) Ha. We had him SO bundled up. First he was in a hat and his cozy clothes, then wrapped in a warm blanket, put on top of another warm blanket into his carseat, the carseat went in our stroller (it's a travel system), then we put the carseat cover down and the stroller cover over the top. So to look at Noah we had to open two layers (carseat and stroller cover) and even then all we could see was his cute little face peeking out :) We didn't want any chance of him getting cold or of anyone breathing on him :) I'm glad we all got to go out as a family :)

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