29 November 2013

4 Months Old

Noah turned 4 months old this week!

He weighs about 5lbs 4oz now, about the size of an average 34-35 week baby. If he were born today at 34 weeks he would be around 50th percentile. Ca-razy.

He is reaching and grabbing! 

He likes to look at everything but fewer things motivate him to reach out. His hands are doing so well! He has them relaxed almost all the time now :) It's so good to see him be able to grab onto things he wants to explore :) He's still having some difficulties with opening his thumbs but he is doing SO well with the rest of his fingers :) He still doesn't have a ton of arm strength to hold things but he loves playing with the rings in his baby gym and we hang toys from them so he can play with and hold them but doesn't have to support the full weight :)

I've said it on here before but he LOVES music :) Loves it :) Singing is his favorite :) Whenever we sing to him he gets this huge grin on his face :) I like to think it's because his beautiful birth mama sang to him and played music for him while he was in her belly :) 

We've had to start putting mitten cuffs on him because the combination of his beautifully long fingers and smaller jaw means he often gags himself while putting his fingers in his mouth :)

Noah and Aurelia are buddies :) She likes to help his home health visitors do his check-ups and therapy, then do it herself later :) Each night before bed they have snuggle time together while we talk about the day. She sings to him ALL the time. He seems to be adjusting to how loud she is and she seems to be getting a little quieter :)

Aurelia showing him how to reach for his toys in the baby gym. Laying on the floor doing what the OT showed her to help him work on reaching :)
Noah is slowly gaining weight. Gaining has been our main focus for the past few weeks. When we first brought him home our main focus was helping him get to being fed completely by mouth (no g-tube use) and everything was geared toward that. Now he really needs to gain weight in his body so we shifted to focus there. His IUGR was head-sparing and we're not sure how long it'll be until his body and head even out more. Until then it's going to be hard for him to do the things that require head control (sitting, rolling, etc.). He is doing really well though and we are really proud of the progress he's made so far :)

Speaking of growing, he has almost outgrown his preemie clothes! :) He is long but very very skinny, so he's at bit tall for preemie clothes but they fit perfectly in his body. Most newborn clothes are obviously large on him but they're starting to fit better :) I think by Christmas he'll be completely in newborn clothes :)

So that's our little 4 month guy :) 

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