27 October 2013

Noah is 3 Months Old!

Noah turned 3 months old on Saturday!

Hooray! :)
He weighs 4lbs 12oz and is 18.5in long. He's gained about a pound since we brought him home from the NICU 4 weeks ago.

He is doing better with bottle feedings. He's doing more of his daytime feedings by bottle (usually 2 complete, 1 partial) and more consistently finishing an entire feeding out of the bottle. He still has a continuous g-tube feeding through the night.

He sleeps through the night from about 8 until 4am. It's an easier thing for a 4lb baby to do when they've got a continuous feed into their belly :) Around 4 we change his diaper, swaddle him back up and he goes back to sleep for a few more hours.

Noah loves to clap his hands. It always makes him smile and squirm :) I should get that on video...

Speaking of smiling, he does it all the time now! He smiles when we say hello in the morning and every time he wakes up. He smiles when we clap his hands, when we sing, and regularly when we just smile at him :) He's a very happy little guy when he isn't dealing with any of his belly issues (those make for a very upset little guy).

He also loves music. Love, love, loves it. He loves listening to music but I think his favorite is when we sing to him, especially Aurelia and her original songs :) His birth mom told us that every day he was in her belly she sang to him :) She said she would sing him a few songs and play soft music into her belly with headphones :) Isn't that so sweet?? We're thankful for that :)

Last week Noah's physical therapist started coming to our home to work with him. He said Noah is doing really well :) He said as far as what he's doing physically he's on par with a 2-3 month old. Socially/intellectually though he's at about a 5-6 month level! :) That was pretty fantastic to hear. :) One of the many, many miraculous things about Noah is that even though he had severe IUGR, his was "head sparing" meaning his head grew at an almost normal rate (which is why he has a huge head and teeny body). Every little bit of nutrients and growth he was getting seemingly went to his brain, heart and lungs. That's how he was blessed to be as healthy as he was in spite of that diagnosis. So, he's got plenty of room for his brilliant little noggin to grow and he appears to be taking advantage of that :)

All Noah's NICU nurses told us that from the very beginning he has been very aware and such a people watcher. He LOVES looking people right in the eye and being talked to. One day while in the NICU one of the BYU nursing students told me "I feel like he's staring into my soul!" Yep, he's got those big, gorgeous eyes and he loves using them :) I think looking him in the eye and talking to him calms him faster than anything else.

Right now Noah's biggest obstacle is probably learning how and being able to eat. The next biggest is probably his size, and size is a pretty simple thing to work on. His size should continue to improve as we work on everything with his feedings and overall health. He's doing well with all his therapies and all his progress is encouraging. :)

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