20 September 2013

Our Little Guy's Birth Mom

I want to share a little about our little guy's birth mom :) I don't know how to convey to everyone how fantastic she is and how genuinely sincere we are when we say that. We don't say good things about her because we feel we have to, we say them because we mean them with every bit of gratitude and awe we have. She really is an incredible girl. So, here is a little about this fantastic girl :)

I've said in a few different ways that she is a miraculous girl who fought hard to get our son to our family and we're ready to elaborate a little more on that. I mentioned in our announcement post that before he was born doctors were convinced our little guy would have many genetic issues. Our birth mom was told repeatedly that he probably wouldn't survive and if he did then his wouldn't be a life worth living. She was encouraged repeatedly by doctors to abort him, but still she pressed on. She was told over and over again things like "this baby isn't going to survive" and "he's going to be a vegetable" and still she pushed forward. She was resolute that he would be okay and she would find his family. She told us she just knew that he would be okay, that everything would be okay.

She knew from the beginning that adoption was the best choice for him and she started looking for a family. Even after choosing and having two families back out she STILL persisted. The timeline of choosing her first couple and them backing out almost exactly matches the timeline of our adoption that fell through. Even through that difficulty she STILL pressed forward, determined to find his forever family, to find us. She loves him tremendously and pushed through all this heartache and all the grim diagnoses to find his forever family.

When he was born the doctors started testing him for everything...and all tests kept coming back clear. I imagine her sitting there getting results thinking "I told you so" :) Everything they said he "for sure" had, he doesn't :) Granted they are still running more and more tests but so far the more they run the bigger the pile of "negative" test results we collect :)

THAT is why we are constantly in awe of her. She chose to let him live REPEATEDLY when she was pushed even by doctors to choose otherwise. She gave him life and then she protected it. She fought on through heartache, and let downs and pushed to get him to his forever family. She loves our little bug so much and we can't possibly thank her enough for giving everything she had for him.

THAT is part of why she is so incredible.

Now, here are just some quick tidbits about her. Aside from being inspiringly amazing she's also pretty cool :) 

- She's Hawaiian. She's fully caucasian but she was born an raised her entire life in Hawaii. :) Very Awesome.

- She's currently attending college in the area.

- She's a smart cookie. She's the "all advanced classes, national honors, invited to Washington D.C." kind of smart :)

- She is BEAUTIFUL. Super pretty girl.

- Her name is one of our favorites and was one of our top girl names. It's beautiful and a little old fashioned.

We really really like our son's birth mom and look forward to having her around :) We've also come to really like her parents :) We hope everyone gets to feel at least a small part of the appreciation and awe we have for her :)

**A little note: I don't know if our birth mom has even SEEN our blog let alone followed it. So I'm in no way saying this to make her feel fantastic. I just want everyone to know how great she is :)**

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