03 August 2013

Two Hours

This post is from a series I wrote between January and July of this year. You can click HERE to start from the first post of the series.

Daniel put his arm around me…and I cried. “It’s over” I thought to myself. We blew it.

We walked across the street back to our car.

“She looked so uncomfortable! She doesn’t like us,” I told Daniel.

“Well of course she looked uncomfortable, it’s an uncomfortable situation,” he reassured me.

I couldn’t help the sinking feeling in my chest. She doesn’t like us. That was awful. Nothing was certain yet though. Now came the wait. The freaking wait.

I thought the Two Week Wait during fertility treatments was bad, and really it was, but this was worse. So. Much. Worse.

What is she doing now? Is she still at the office? How long do they stay at the office after we leave? I’m pretty sure K thinks we’re lovely and fantastic so maybe she can reassure Alice that things could be really great. How is she going to tell us? WHEN is she going to tell us? It could be a week, it could be WEEKS! Really it could be months even but I think that’s less likely. I think her friend liked us so maybe that will help. Her friend seems really level headed and she’ll be able to give Alice her objective opinion. WHEN will we know for SURE???

I was not prepared for this. Not one bit.

“She’ll probably email us,” I thought. After all, that was the main way we’d been communicating until a few days ago. In the last few days though we had started texting. “Maybe she’ll text us… Alice seems like a girl who can handle tough things though so I wouldn’t be surprised if she called to tell us directly that she hadn’t picked us." Another option was to have our caseworker call to tell us her decision.

Two hours after we left the office, my phone rang…

It was her, Alice.

The rest of the conversation was kind of a blur but I remember her saying…

“I’m 100% sure”

She was 100% sure we were baby’s family. :) 100% She picked us :) She picked US.
I jumped up and down, giggled, shook my fists and something like an “EEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!” kept coming out of my mouth. Daniel, being the calm, composed person that he is, had a huge smile on his face :) From this phone call we were going to be parents again :) We were becoming a family of four :) Aurelia was going to be a big sister. This woman wanted us to be the parents of the sweet little person she was growing :)

She really, really picked us :) We talked for a little while and she let me know she felt peace about her decision. She felt confident we were the ones. Before the end of July, we would be a family of four :)

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