01 August 2013

Not a Scammer

This post is from a series I wrote between January and July of this year. You can click HERE to start from the first post of the series.

We didn’t have to wait long for Alice’s response.

At the end of that second day of messaging Alice sent us a picture of an ultrasound bill with the date and her first name (last name covered). She really was pregnant. Really, really, really. :)

Not only did fabulous Alice send us a picture of her “pregnant uterus” ultrasound with her name and the date, she sent the same picture to our caseworker, CCed us AND gave our caseworker her caseworkers name and the location of the LDSFS office she was working with :)

She also explained Alice was a pseudonym she used. I won't post her real name here though.

Daniel and I couldn’t believe it. Not only was this girl not super offended that we basically said “prove to us you aren’t some scheming crook” but she went WAY above and beyond to help us trust her and to put our fears at ease. She really, truly was pregnant! :) Not only that, but so far she really liked us :)

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