04 August 2013

Gender Ultrasound

This post is from a series I wrote between January and July of this year. You can click HERE to start from the first post of the series.

Now What?

Neither one of us really knew what to do next. Alright, so she had picked us…so what happens between now and baby’s birth 5 months from now?

Alice had a doctors appointment in a little over a week to find out the gender and she invited us to come along. I couldn’t believe it! In my absolute, dreams come true, best case scenario we would get to go with our birth mom to an appointment. I know that might sound weird but it would just be nice to get to be involved in some of the normal things women get to do during their pregnancy. We completely understand this is her personal time and a private thing so we were never expecting to get to be a part of any appointments, let alone the gender ultrasound.

The day before the appointment I walked to the store with Aurelia and we picked out Rollos and chocolate cake mix to make Rolo cookies for Alice and her cousin who would also be at the appointment. Her cousin has kids so I wanted to make sure there were enough for her kiddos too.

Daniel booked the time off work so we could go to the appointment, we again arranged for Aurelia to go to Ally’s so we could give Alice our full energy and attention, no distractions. This was likely going to be a difficult thing for her and we wanted to make sure she had our full selves there.

After putting Aurelia down for her nap I got a text from Alice. I always get excited when her name pops up on my phone.

Her message said there was a scheduling problem and her appointment was moved back a few days…

I felt like Alice and I had a pretty honest relationship so I reassured myself “it’s okay, if she didn’t want you at the appointment she would just tell you. You’ve told her already that you’re going to keep asking if she’s okay with it because you don’t want to make her uncomfortable. It was just a scheduling thing.”

I was worried though. Was she okay? Was she having a hard time? Did she just feel bad telling us she wasn’t comfortable having us come to the appointment?

It really was just a scheduling thing :) The appointment was moved back to two days. Two days! We’d have to wait two more days to find out if sweet little baby was a boy or a girl :) This kind of gave us a glimpse of what the future would look like though. Over-analyzing everything she says to us, wondering if it means she’s having a change of heart. Our family’s future is essentially completely in her hands. If our family is going to be left to anyone though I’m glad we have our Alice.

Here is video of us waiting to find out baby's gender, chatting a bit and being excited...

During the ultrasound the tech said "you better starting thinking of boy names!" Alice told us she was disappointed because she really wanted Aurelia to have a little sister. We were thrilled to be parents again and knowing a little boy was coming to our family made it more real.

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