04 August 2013

20 Weeks Left

This post is from a series I wrote between January and July of this year. You can click HERE to start from the first post of the series.

And so we carried on through the pregnancy with Alice, counting down the 20 weeks until “baby brother” would be here. We did things like...

- We invited Alice over for dinner and dessert. She got to see our home and meet Ally.

- She came to church with us and got to meet the young women I worked with.

- Alice sent us all of baby's ultrasound pictures :) There was a picture of his cute little ear with side profile and I put it as the background on my phone :)

- We were invited to another doctor’s appointment and got to hear baby brother’s little heartbeat!

- We all went out to dinner together at Texas Roadhouse.

- The three of us visited Alice and spent the day at her house, met some of her friends and played games.

- Daniel and I read an entire baby name book and narrowed down his name from a list of 43, to 15, to 9 with three favorites. :)

- Alice recorded and sent us baby’s heartbeat! We listened to his little heartbeat over and over again. It was such a comforting and hopeful sound.

- Alice took us to meet her cousin, his wife and their kids. Aurelia had fun playing with their kids and we were excited for the next time they would get to play together.

- I prepared to breastfeed baby! I did lots of blog posts about it but left out the part where we were actually preparing with a known deadline, baby’s due date! Alice was very supportive of my breastfeeding efforts and said she was relieved he would get to be breastfed.

- Aurelia grew to love Alice and regularly pretended to call and text her on her toy phone and asked when we were going to see her again.

- We talked on the phone, texted, or emailed almost daily.

- We bought baby clothes (and got some from freecycle of course). We held back from buying very many just in case she changed her mind and decided to parent. We didn’t want to have a lot of things to box up and hide away if she decided to parent. Month after month of trying not to buy too much still resulted in half a closet full of baby boy clothes :)

- Ally made us a baby blanket and a car seat cover with little whales on it. So cute!

- We supported Alice through some really difficult times as she struggled with how and when to tell her family, and how to deal with a difficult birth father. There were several tearful phone calls as I tried to comfort and support her.

- I started to really love Alice. She had become one of my closest friends.

- We constantly prepared our hearts for both welcoming baby brother home as well as her possibly deciding to parent, but were constantly reassured by Alice that “no matter what, this baby is going home with [us]”. She was the one about to have to go through something extremely difficult but we were the ones being reassured that everything would work out.

- Daniel and I breathed a big sigh of relief when Alice passed the point in her pregnancy when Ally’s girls were born (31 weeks, 5 days). Worst case scenario if she went into labor baby still had a very good chance of being okay.

- We told a few people here and there that we had been chosen to adopt.

- I attended the first baby shower in YEARS! I did it! It was much easier to go knowing we would soon be holding our own little bundle :) It was SOOOOO hard to keep this secret from friends at the shower.

- I gathered pictures for a “How I came to my family” type book for baby. It would tell the story of how my tummy was broken so we couldn’t get him here on our own, and about our beautiful Alice who helped get him here. It might sound weird but the end result is very cute. :)

- At 35 weeks we jumped for joy! Healthy babies can go straight home at 35 weeks!

- At 35 weeks and 1 day we met with Alice and her caseworker to go over every little detail of what the hospital stay and placement would be like. When we would be called, when I would be able to nurse, and when she would come visit afterward. We now had a clear picture in our head of what to expect when baby boy was ready to make his entrance! :)

Then a few days later, things started to change…

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