14 August 2013

100 Days of Real Food

I have a new obsession lately and it's 100 Days of Real Food. It's a blog about cutting out processed food and the recipes are yummy, healthy, made with normal ingredients most people have, and mostly inexpensive which makes them all kinds of fantastic. My friend Ally first introduced me to the blog when she gave me these really fabulous pancakes  (I think this is the recipe). They're simple and you can make a ton, freeze them, heat them later and they're still soooo good.

My problem with a lot of recipes I want to try is that they require some random ingredient that I won't use for anything else. So I end up buying something just to have it be weirdly expensive or have most of it go to waste. So far I haven't found that to be the case with the recipes from this blog.

When Ally and her husband decided to go get some fancy job way out in Omaha (sad day for the C Family) we inherited her freezer food (yay!) and with that came some chicken stock. A little tidbit about me, I love chicken broth. I'll eat it plain any day. A little weird maybe but yeah, I love the stuff. Anyway, this chick stock was SO GOOD. SO good. Turns out the recipe was again from the same blog and thus began my obsession.

I'm super excited to tell what we've been making and hopefully convince someone else to try it too :)

First we started with "The Best Whole Chicken In A Crock Pot"

I cooked a WHOLE CHICKEN. I've never done that before. It was awesome...and weird. I felt a little bad because he looked all...chicken-ey. Then I picked him up to put him in the crock pot and he just looked so funny that I had to make him pretend to talk, dance, and do a little Kung Fu before getting all seasoned up. I assured him he would not have died in vain and that I was going to make him super tasty. Anyway, kitchen antics. 

The whole chicken was...four-ish dollars? And we had a ton of meat. We probably could have comfortably fed 6 adults. I think we only needed to buy one of the seasonings and then the onion. Not too shabby.

Okay here comes the cool part. After finishing dinner we left all the bones and skin in the crock pot and made sure we got as much of the meat out as we could. We added some veggies (celery, carrot and onion), filled it with water and let it cook all night. Then viola! Awesome chicken stock.

Side note: If you do try this one try to make sure you leave every bit of skin and bone possible in the crock pot. It helps make it more flavorful. Our stock was a little on the bland side probably because we didn't put everything back in.

We divided the chicken stock into freezer bags 2 cups at a time and threw them in the freezer. Then using the chicken stock and the same veggies (well not the same just purchased in the same shopping trip) we made chicken noodle soup! The chicken noodle soup made enough for probably 7-9 servings? And it was basically made from leftover ingredients. It was so fresh! We loved it, and I do so love having lots of leftovers.

So, with just buying some carrots, celery, 2 onions and a chicken we made 1) A whole chicken, 2) a ton of chicken stock, and 3) homemade chicken noodle soup.

Try it, try it, try it! :)

One other thing I like about the 100 Days blog is that if there is something I make that I'd like to have a healthier version of, I can just go to the blog's recipe index, find something similar and make that. Anyway, 100 Days of Real Food. It's fabulous :)

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