20 June 2013


This morning on our walk Aurelia said she wanted to run, so I found a line on the pavement, told her we would race to a tree up ahead, and said "ready, set, go" and man did Little Miss go! :) It was pretty awesome not only seeing her run pretty quickly for a 2 (almost 3) year old but to be competitive and want to beat me :) We did probably four races.

Aurelia ran a pretty long distance outside of our racing and maybe it's just because I'm her mom but I was pretty impressed :) She loved it! So I decided I'm going to start taking her running at the BYU indoor track. Her pace is a slow jog for me so it'll be fun to have a little running buddy and help her follow something she seems to really love :)

1. Practicing balance beam on the curb 2. Running.

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