08 June 2013

Planting Trees

I've got a bunch of blog posts just sitting in draft waiting for this or that to be published. I should probably get on that, but who wants to be sitting inside at a computer during the summer? :) This post I've had ready for a while but things kept changing. We decided on one thing then changed to another, we figured out one thing then found out it wouldn't work. Anyway, here it is.

We're planting trees! We've been doing a lot of research over the last two months and finally ordered trees. Because this is a rental property we had to think low maintenance. We wanted two trees planted along the street in front and then one big tree in the backyard. The things we wanted for all our trees were alkaline tolerance (we have very alkaline soil in this area), drought tolerance (for those rough years), no fruit dropping, and a generally low maintenance tree.

For the street trees I had been seeing these BEAUTIFUL trees blooming in our neighborhood so I did some searching, narrowed down by leaves and types of blooms, went to a nursery and finally figured out it was the Kwanzan Cherry tree. It makes pretty flowers but no fruit which is fabulous. THEN, after talking to our city forester for some advice we found out the city will pay for AND install the trees for us! How sweet is that? They put the work order in yesterday so hopefully they'll be in in the next few weeks :) (UPDATE: actually I found out they CANCELLED the order because we don't have a sprinkler system. Kind of a bummer but we'll go ahead and get that put in soon and then they'll carry on with installing the trees for us.)

Kwanzan Cherry tree, blossoms and leaves.
For the backyard we wanted a tree with high longevity (longer than 50 years), grow to at least 30 feet tall, preferably with fall color, resistant to pests, high tolerance of drought and alkalinity, and on and on. We wanted it to shade the house and the backyard. After lots of research and back and forth we decided on the Bigtooth Maple. The Bigtooth is native to our area which made us more comfortable with it. The lady who helped us at the nursery was so glad we did our research. She said she regularly has people who come in saying they want a certain tree simply because they like how it looks without realizing that tree does terribly here and will likely die quickly. She was excited to have a couple who knew what worked best in our area :) We actually bought our Maple on Memorial Day and it seems to be doing really well so far :)

Bigtooth Maple with fall color

I'm so excited to be getting trees! :) We're putting sod down in the fall too AND Daniel has just about finished building the new shed :) It's so nice to really be making progress on this property. After the shed is complete (2 weeks maybe) then we'll finish stripping the basement unit down and get to work down there. This summer the goals are a new sewer line to the street, all new plumbing, all new electrical and getting the basement all framed. Busy, busy summer :)

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