16 June 2013

Mid-Week Family Day

Last week Daniel stayed home from work for a day to have a family day with us :) I had somewhat jokingly (but hoping he would say yes) asked that he stay home from work with us and he did :)

We went on a long family walk in the morning and for the last half mile Aurelia said she wanted to walk instead of ride in the stroller, so we let her down and played "following the leader" like the lost boys on Peter Pan. Then, with about a block to go, Aurelia tripped and fell pretty hard. She bloodied both her knees and her forehead (poor girl!). Daniel scooped her up and she wouldn't let him put her down until we were all the way home.

Daniel doctoring Aurelia
When we got home Daniel put her up on the kitchen counter and doctored up her bloody knee. I thought it was adorable so I had to get a picture :)

The rest of the day was spent playing together in the backyard, attempting to go to the paleontology museum nearby (they were closed. boo.), going for ice cream and building block towers. It was a really fantastic and much needed, mid-week family day :)

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