11 June 2013

Little Currant Bush

I loved this little video of a snippet from Elder D. Todd Christofferson's talk.

I thought about this little clip while I was pruning an overgrown shrub on our neighbors property a few months ago. The man living there passed away unexpectedly in the fall but for years before his passing the huge property had been neglected. There was one particular bush that blooms really pretty pink/orange flowers in the spring, but it had become so overgrown that the winter snow weighed down and snapped a lot of the branches. The shrub was getting choked off and damaged by it's own over-growth. So I set to work and cut away at it. I pulled out obviously dead branches and cut the shrub back quite a bit. Now it's growing lots of new, healthy branches and is blooming a TON. I think after one more round of pruning next spring it'll be just about as beautiful as it can be.

From my experience with our neighboring property and the video clip I couldn't help but think of the journey Daniel and I have been on the last few years. Going through our infertility was SO painful. I've never had my heart broken so fully or so painfully as it was with our first miscarriage. The adoption path hasn't been an easy one to walk either. Through most of it we've kept moving forward, thanking God for the opportunity to grow and asking that he end our struggle soon. Sometimes God has plans for us that are different from what we think they should be.

There was so much pain with so little understanding, but now I can look at it so thankful for all the beauty that has come as a result. I'm able to look at the cuts that were made and see the new growth.  I can see our marriage is stronger, deeper and more resilient than it would have been had we not been given this challenge. Our experiences have provided us with the blessing of empathy. We've been given the opportunity to provide encouragement, insight and understanding to people behind us on the path through infertility and loss. 

I know those difficult times will continue to bless us. These were the trials God intended for our family. This is what we have needed to become the best version of ourselves and to help those who will be brought into our path. We have needed all of this to get us to where we are now, incredibly happy, blessed, and thankful. :)

“Look, little currant bush, I am the gardener here, and I know what I want you to be. I didn’t intend you to be a fruit tree or a shade tree. I want you to be a currant bush, and someday, little currant bush, when you are laden with fruit, you are going to say, ‘Thank you, Mr. Gardener, for loving me enough to cut me down.’”

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