15 May 2013

One Year

I completely forgot! May 4th was one year since turning in our adoption application. I knew our one year mark was coming up but things got busy (Daniel's birthday, visitors, life, etc.) and there it went. I think I've documented the craziness of the last year on here pretty well so a recap isn't really needed :) There is still a lot that we keep private (like the experiences with a few other scammers) but for the most part if there was something we wanted to share I've shared it on here. 

It's been interesting figuring out a balance between sharing our story and maintaining a comfortable level of privacy. Some things I'll go into all kinds of detail about (hello breastfeeding and baby seller) and some experiences, thoughts, feelings I have no desire to share except with Daniel. That's the way things should be though. I've come to really love privacy, it's comfortable and peaceful.

Anyway, one year. I lost track of the number of scammers sometime in January but I've got a list somewhere. We've gotten pretty good at weeding them out :)

Since starting the adoption process we've made lots of good adoption friends, learned we have loads of friends who were adopted themselves and several friends who placed children with adoptive families. Adoption really is EVERYWHERE but people don't really walk around with signs saying "I'M AN ADOPTEE!" or "I'M A BIRTH MOM!" We are so grateful to all the friends who have offered to share with us their experiences as an adoptee, adoptive parent, or as a birth parent.

So, one year in. Here are the questions we get the most often...

How are you holding up?
I'm glad summer is finally here and there is so much to distract us. I've been kind of obsessively improving our house and yards. Today we're going tree shopping, I've planted loads of flowers and yesterday we bought new paint for our bedroom (It's called "Pool Party" fun, right?). Thank goodness for warm weather :) Winter was rough but we're doing much better now.

Any news?
I think I've answered this pretty much the same since approval. There won't really be any news until papers are signed saying a child is now ours. Nothing is ever for sure until it's official. I know we wouldn't want to share news with the world and then have to share news of an adoption that didn't happen. Things are the same as they have been, placement could happen any day or not at all.

Are you looking for something specific?
I kind of chuckle...I don't like how that sounds...chuckle? bleh. Anyway, I chuckle when people ask that. To me it sounds like "what's taking so long? Are you being unrealistically specific or something? There has to have been at least ONE child you could have adopted by now!" Um, yes we are specifically looking for a newborn with a high IQ, great APGAR scores, good sense of humor, and the ability to read, speak and use the toilet from birth. No :) When filling out our paperwork for adoption approval we left the metaphorical door wiiiiiiide open. There are very few things we said we weren't okay accepting and they were medical conditions we didn't feel we could adequately provide for. Other than that we put it in God's hands to guide "our birth mom" to us or us to her.

So there we are :) Thank you again for all the really fantastic love and support we've received :) All your messages are so appreciated and hopefully I've expressed that to each of you directly. If not, please know we do appreciate you :) Thank you for checking on us, for offering encouragement and for the acts of kindness we've received. We know we are so blessed to have so many people who care so much :)

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