09 May 2013

If you can squish it, you can throw it

If you can squish it, you can throw it.
If you can't squish it, you don't throw it.

Daniel came up with this rule to help Aurelia know what was okay to throw. If you can squish it you can throw it, and vice versa. Pillows, nerf balls, stuffed animals, and all that squishes is fair game. Rocks, blocks, books and anything hard is off limits. It's an easy way for her to know what isn't okay to throw while still giving her the freedom to throw things. I think it was a pretty clever idea :)

Usually she's pretty good about it, but today we had to work a little bit more on that idea. She threw a palm sized rock down our front steps, it hit and broke a ceramic pot, then a shard flew over and put a pretty good cut on the top of my foot. In one throw she managed to break something AND hurt someone (go big or go home, right?). So, after cleaning up the dripping blood we had a talk and went through her toys for about 5 minutes with me asking "can you squish this? Alright, so is it okay to throw? Can you squish this? So is it okay to throw?" I think it's a fantastic rule :)

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  1. we are praying for you! it will happen! I know it! can't wait to see the posting of when it does. :)