04 April 2013

Spring is Here!

Last year my gardening efforts were...meh, not great. I didn't know very much about what grows well here and honestly, how to keep anything alive. THIS year however, is going to be AWESOME :) Haha really, really, really I'm genuinely super excited for our yard to come to life. Really, really.

I've been asking for gardening advice from all the best gardeners I know (including my lovely grandmas). My fantastic friend Ruth (who I've regularly told I'm going to start living in her lovely backyard) helped me a ton last summer and fall with ideas for what to plant and where to plant it. She brought over things from her yard and some friends' yards for me to use :) Isn't that so nice? She's lovely.

A few weeks ago (after a winter of crossing my fingers) I started to see everything coming to life! :)

Our first little flower babies of the year!

We've got Daylilies, Echinacea, Mums (I think...), Tulips, Fire Pokers and a TON of Irises that were here when we bought the property. Today I'll finish transplanting the Irises to make a cute little border between our yard and driveway, and on the other side of the driveway we'll plant a mix of wildflowers next month.

We'll also be trying to do about 25 sunflowers again this year to go the length of the backyard fence line. Last year only 5 survived to grow outside but I'm thinking this year we'll do much better :)

My Rose of Sharon! My very favorite part of our whole yard :) It's noticeably taller this year and I'm really excited for it to start blooming. The Rose of Sharon doesn't usually start blooming until mid-summer though (last year it was the first week of July) so I'll have to wait a bit still :)

Just because it's so pretty, here is a picture of our first Rose of Sharon bloom from last summer :)

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