11 April 2013

Adoptive Breastfeeding Update (Apr 11)

Sorry for those of you who are tired of the breastfeeding update but that's what life is right now :)

Yesterday I was reminded how exhausting and time consuming pumping is. I pumped every three hours, which when you count in that it's 20 minutes of pumping its more like every 2 1/2 hours. Pump at noon, fully done with everything at 12:30 pump again at 3:00, and so on. I was going to keep pumping through the night buuuuuut yeah, that didn't work out so well. Turns out it's much harder to gather motivation to pump at night when you don't have a baby waiting for the result.

I got pretty discouraged yesterday. I think subconsciously I had been thinking "my body is so awesome! It made milk without actually being pregnant. It's so good at this milk thing that I'll make a ton of milk, I bet!" Not so much. Yesterday it came out one slow, single drop at a time and after 20 minutes of pumping each time all throughout the day I had less than an ounce to show for it. I was worried/irritated/disappointed but Daniel snapped me out of it by reminding me what it was like when Aurelia was born and in the NICU.

If I haven't mentioned before on this blog, our daughter was in the NICU for about a week when she was born. She had dangerously low blood sugar the first day that landed her in the NICU (it resolved after a few days) and once you're in the NICU they make it pretty difficult to get out. Anyway,she was in the NICU which meant at night we went home to sleep for a few hours (usually about 5 hours) and I had to pump at home. Daniel reminded me that those first few days I came back to the hospital with the same thought of "my body only made this tiny little bit, this baby is going to starve, something isn't working" but our fantastic nurse Amy said it was awesome, fabulous, I'm doing a great job and all that jazz. The first day I brought in MAYBE a third of an ounce, the next day a little more, the next a little more and up it went. We're hoping/guessing the same will happen now.

Even at my very highest pumping though the MOST I ever pumped was 6-7 ounces (only happened a few times) which I think is surprising considering Aurelia was one hefty chunker of a baby. Quality over quantity I suppose.

So right now I'm carrying on, patting myself on the back for every little drop that comes out :) The fact that ANYTHING is coming out is incredible and miraculous to me. Isn't modern medicine AWESOME?? This whole thing is reassuring that when a baby is here and I'm actually breastfeeding instead of pumping, my body will get to work and that little love bug will get all the great things Aurelia got from nursing.

Speaking of Aurelia, she's a little weirded out by pumping. I've been trying to avoid her while pumping and keep it private because it's kind of an awkward thing for me to have her watching. It's MUCH harder to make time for pumping when I'm parenting a toddler during the day :) Daniel ran interference for the after work pumpings though :)

So here we go, on to day two.

(Sorry if this post is less than eloquent. It's been a long time since I was this tired.)

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