30 April 2013

AB Update: Change of Plan

We've hit a bit of a roadblock with pumping. Here is the latest...

I stopped taking the Domperidone. The protocol for adoptive breastfeeding recommends continuing with Domperidone as long as you're trying to produce milk. My supply was doing pretty well so I decided to finish out the amount I had, stop taking it and then add Mother's Milk to help with the drop off. The Domperidone is about $80 every two weeks so I was eager to try going without.

I got sick. A few days ago I got a nasty stomach bug that left me pretty dehydrated. That, paired with my already dwindling, post-Domperidone supply basically wiped me out. I couldn't keep up and all the work we put in was undone. 

The good thing though is that we know it CAN be done. Daniel and I have talked it through and decided to go back on the protocol and just stick with it until we have a child placed with us. I've already called in my prescription refills and I'll start from the beginning. The protocol is recommended to take 6 months (I had success after about one) so that is what we'll plan for. If I start to have the same feeling of needing to pump then I'll pump for comfort but then leave it.

I'm a little disappointed this time didn't work out like we hoped but it's okay, after a few weeks we'll be back where we were (without plans to pump anytime soon). I'm disappointed that I wasn't the dairy cow I was hoping to be and that I didn't have all this extra milk to proudly hand over for donation. I'm trying to give myself a break though. I'm still doing something good. I'm still doing something that will benefit our future child and for them it will work out.

Thank you again to everyone for all the fantastic support we've received :) I really didn't expect people to be so excited for us. :)

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