14 March 2013

Beginning Breastfeeding :)

If you think breastfeeding is weird or gross then don't bother reading this post :)

For a while now I've been planning to breastfeed when we adopt. I successfully breastfed Aurelia until she was about 9 months old when our reproductive endocrinologist (fertility doctor) said I needed to stop because it would interfere with our treatments by causing my uterus to contract.

I enjoyed breastfeeding, but not for the reasons I hear most often. It wasn't so much about the bonding for me because I feel like anyone could get just about the same thing (hormones aside) from holding their baby while bottle feeding. I could be totally wrong, but that's what I think. I knew it was the best option for her health, so that's a plus. I also really loved the time I got to spend with Aurelia while I nursed her. For me though a big plus was that it was SO convenient. With breastfeeding there's no mixing, measuring, warming, figuring out bottles in the middle of the night, no bottles to wash, none of that. Bring baby to nurse, feed until they're done, switch sides for a little more nursing and boom, done. Not much cleanup needed.

Also, argue all you want about how advanced formula is now but breast milk is still better. Sure, formula isn't the weird lame duck of baby feeding anymore but still, breast is best. I want all of our kids to have that. It's going to be a lot of work with no guarantee of success but for me it's worth it to try. PLEASE don't take that to mean I'm saying people who don't put in the effort don't care about their kids. I'm not saying that. Everyone should do what is best for their family. This is just what I want and what I feel I can do.

So that's that. I'm going to try to breastfeed when we adopt :)

Today I start the medication to prepare my body to nurse :) This regimen can take as much as 6 months or as little as one to work. This was one of the many little reasons why we decided to start the process to become foster parents. In December I decided I wanted to start the process to bring in my milk supply but the idea of producing milk with no baby to feed sounded really depressing. Being registered would mean that at least there was the possibility that any day we could be asked to care for a baby who could benefit from the milk. That would mean my milk could have a purpose and still be ready whenever our child finally gets here :)

I also now feel like it won't be depressing because I can freeze what I accumulate before a baby is here AND we have plenty of friends (both adopting and not) who can use the milk. If I end up having milk that isn't being used then I'm sure I'll be able to find a good, helpful use for it. :)

I called our doctors office to see if they'd be willing to help me with this process. I've heard many doctors aren't supportive of adoptive breastfeeding for whatever reason. I feel like with our doctor and NP as long as I'm well aware of all the negatives and it isn't something dangerous then they'll support me. That's how they were about my wanting an epidural free delivery with Aurelia anyway. I remember she (our doctor) said "hey, as long as you're in a position that I can catch the baby then do whatever you want. Just make sure you're REALLY practicing and doing whatever labor method you want to use" (we did Hypnobabies). But, I digress...

Our doctor had me read through the information on asklenore.com. I read nearly every link on every page. I kind of feel like it was an attempt to scare me off :) It was probably just to make sure I really knew what I was committing to though. 

Here is what I'll be doing...

Week 1: take an “active” birth control pill each day + 10 mg domperidone, 4 x day
Week 2-until about a month before baby comes (if we have that much warning): continue "active" birth control (no sugar pills) + increase the domperidone dosage to 20 mg, 4 x day. 
Once trying to pump milk: Add the herb Fenugreek (I used that for my milk supply while nursing Aurelia), eat oatmeal for breakfast (I already do most days).

Here is a little explanation from the Ask Lenore website...

Many have asked how we arrived at the current protocols. We followed a series of deductions:
  1. Ladies on the birth control pill experience breast changes but they do not lactate. They can be on the birth control pill for YEARS and nothing happens after the initial increased breast size if any.
  2. Some ladies on the domperidone for upper GI dysfunction did experience, as a side effect, lactation depending on the dosage taken...so did men. Lactating men :) hehe
  3. Combining the birth control pill with domperidone is similar to making water boil. The birth control pill is the water (breast changes) and the domperidone is the salt (prolactin) that makes the water boil (milk production) much faster.
  4. Add the breast pump or the baby at the breast and the result is copious breastmilk production.
  5. Add the herbs, oatmeal and water and we have the recipe for increased milk supply.
It’s as simple as that.

One thing to note, insurance doesn't cover domperidone. It makes sense that they don't but I still wish they did. It's pretty pricey stuff too :) Oh well. The birth control on the other hand was COMPLETELY covered by our insurance. You win some you lose some I suppose :)

So the adventure starts! Wish me luck! :)


  1. So happy for you! Bring on the breast milk!

  2. Jessica you are an incredible woman!! I spend so much of my day working with moms to help them breastfeed, latch and increase production and it can be discouraging. But it is so awesome to see someone so dedicated and so willing to share with someone else in need of this special gift, even if it is a friend's baby. You are incredible, good luck!!

  3. Good for you! I so support you! Breast is best! You can do it!

  4. This is something I considered too, but I've hesitated for one reason or another. I am so happy to read about someone else doing it! I don't think I felt confidant enough or something. I'm not sure. But I'd love to hear updates on your progress with it, even if you feel weird sharing so much info about your body, lol.