12 March 2013

A Mommy Morning and Family Day

Last Saturday was a FABulous day :) In the morning my friend Ally (also Ally, Ally :)) invited me to go with her for Ikea's Bring Your Own Friend event. Basically shopping, free breakfast and lunch, and fun giveaways.  

Fabulous things about our Ikea outing:
1. It was nice to spend time just Ally and I, no kids or spouses. I don't think we've done that in YEARS. We love our kids and spouses but it was fun to go out just us two :)
2. Free food
3. Ikea shopping (one of my favorite places to go for ideas)
4. Finding just what I've been looking for

Eating our free breakfast

At Ikea I found this little bookshelf/cubby cube storage PERFECT for what Daniel and I have been wanting. We've been wanting a bookshelf but not something tall, out of Aurelia's reach and needing to be anchored. We've also been looking to replace her big toy box and use smaller boxes so things get played with instead of buried beneath everything. This bookshelf worked out nicely when turned on it's side :) I was so excited to get it home! Daniel was lovely and indulged my excitement by putting it together as soon as I got home, while Aurelia napped. :)

$30 - not too bad :)

Once we got it all put together I was a bit disappointed with how few books we had (we collect childrens' books). It seemed like we had collected a TON when they were in the bin we were using before! Again, being the awesome husband and dad that he is, Daniel said we should take a trip to the thrift store later that day to find a few more :) We ended up getting about 5 new books. :)

 After Aurelia woke up from her nap we all had some lunch and headed out for our long list of errands. First, Daniel drove all over looking for a store that was having a sale on maxi skirts :) He really is fantastic :) He played with Aurelia while I tried things on and finally got my first maxi skirt :) I wish I had gotten a picture when I wore it on Sunday...oh well :)

Next we went to Lowe's for new blinds! New blinds, NEW BLINDS!!! :) That really is very exciting :) We've fixed up the unit of our duplex we're living in so it's all cutesie and livable while we're renovating the other unit. There have been three. awful. things. driving me crazy though. There were three windows still with old aluminum blinds and they were all SO STINKING DIFFICULT TO CLOSE! Every morning I open up the blinds to let the sunlight in, then every night after sunset I close them. It was so aggravating to have to fight to lower them everyday, trying to pull the string in just the right direction with enough force for it to release while simultaneously pulling the bottom of the blinds with enough umph to get it all the way down. Even then, two of them didn't even go down all the way. Drove me nuts. Anyway, it's taken a while to get new blind because the windows are all strange sizes and the blinds needed to be cut to fit. I'm sure this whole thing is incredibly boring for 99% of you who'll read it but really, I was THRILLED to get these new blinds :)

After blinds was the thrift store and then finally home :) It was a really great day :)

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