28 February 2013

MEXICO!: pt. 3

I'm finally finishing up blogging about our Mexico trip. You can read part 1 HERE and part 2 HERE.

Day 4 - Thursday: Xplor

On Thursday we went to Xplor and it was SO fun. So fun. We did zip lines, swimming through underground rivers and driving "amphibious vehicles".

One of the first things we saw when we came in was this...

Zipline through a waterfall

Zip Lines! 

Video from the top of one of the zip line towers...

Oh hey Mr. Lizzard.

Daniel got video of the two of us going at the same time...

The next picture is one of the spiral towers we zip lined from. And at the bottom of this...

was this! Our favorite part of Xplor. More on that later.

View from one of the zipline towers.

It's really difficult to get video while zip lining. Finally, on one of the last waterfall zip lines I got this one...

Me on one of the zip lines, Elyse and I, Chase and his Go Pro, Daniel and I. 

In one of the sets of zip lines was a water slide. Halfway through the slide they pump cold water in, that's why I shriek "woo!"

Swimming in underground rivers!

A little bitty bat!

One of THE coolest things at Xplor was the end of swimming the underground rivers. Water poured down into this huge hole. Alright that sounds a little weird but it was relaxing and fabulous.

View from the bottom of the hole.

Alright, not a great video but toward the end you get a spinning view of what was above. It was SO awesome. Just...so awesome.

Daniel leaving the hole for the last time

Driving amphibious vehicles!


We saw a tiger!


Then it was time to head back to the resort after one more swim to "the hole".

After dinner we walked to the beach and passed the resort's entertainment stage. They had a bunch of different performers, mostly dancing.

We spent some time watching the performers and then headed to the beach.

Day 5 - Friday: Beach, massages, flying home

Daniel and I went to the beach for one final time. This was the first time we actually got in the water at our resort's beach. It was a very busy vacation :)

Our waterproof digital camera finally became not so waterproof...

We saw a monkey on our way back from the beach!

Mr. Monkey face

After the beach a couple of us went to get massages. Such a relaxing end to our vacation. While waiting for our whole group to meet up for the bus to the airport we had one final drink at the bar. For the first few days the people in our group had this conversation over and over again...

"One (drink) please. No alcohol."
"NO alcohol?"
"No alcohol."
"(confused look like they must have heard incorrectly)"

By the end of the week though they pretty well knew our group and that we didn't drink alcohol. :)

One final yummy drink :)

Iguanas everywhere!

On our way to the airport I saw a building and thought "that totally looks like and LDS church building" and it was :) Pretty cool. This was somewhere between Playa and Cancun. I think it was pretty close to Cancun. 

Yay Mormons! :)

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  1. We went to Xplor a couple years ago, it was AWESOME! You did such a good job of getting pictures and videos, I am very impressed! Looks like you had a blast!