24 February 2013

MEXICO!: pt. 2

Day 3 - Wednesday: Cozumel

On Wednesday we took a ferry to Cozumel for snorkeling, food and shopping. Half of our group did scuba and the other half did snorkeling. We got a waterproof digital camera for our trip but it was a bit harder to record in water than I anticipated :) Daniel got some pretty good pictures though.

First you have to see the Chupacabra! Okay, it's obviously not a Chupacabra but that's what we called them :) They look like rats, sit like bunnies and have legs like deer.

Don't mind me whispering Chupacabra over and over again :)

Someday we're going to take our kids on a Disney Cruise :)

Disney Cruise boat in Cozumel.

On the boat heading for our first snorkeling spot. I wanted to go wake boarding :)

A sweet picture I got of our friend Elyse.

Look how crazy clear the water was.

Cool picture of our friend Bryan.

When we were done, those of us who went snorkeling went back to town for some lunch at a restaurant called La Mission.

After lunch we did a whole lot of shopping.

Our friends Bryan and Juliana :)

Waiting at the ferry dock in Cozumel.

On the ferry back to Playa Del Carmen there was a band playing. It was awesome :) 

Toward the end they played La Bamba and this cute older couple got up and danced together! I loved it :) 

Sunset from the ferry coming back into Playa Del Carmen.

At the end of the day we went to one of the restaurants at the resort with some of our friends :)

To be continued...

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