11 February 2013

MEXICO! : Pt. 1

Once upon a time we went to Mexico :)

Daniel won a competition at work for a free trip to Mexico! Nine work people went and got to bring a guest. We spent 5 days in Playa Del Carmen, Mexico and LOVED it!

Day 1 - Monday

We spent most of Monday traveling. We flew to Cancun, then drove to our resort in Playa Del Carmen. We met up with some of our group of 15 other people, had dinner and checked out the beach. It was perfectly warm and humid. Love, love, love.

Day 2 - Tuesday: Tulum, Delphinus

The view from the balcony of our hotel room.

Iguanas were everywhere

On our way to Tulum. Our friends Bryan and Juliana were on the trip too! I know Juliana from freshman year at BYU and Bryan works with Daniel.
I held a big huge Iguana!

Friendsies on the shuttle from parking to the ruins at Tulum.
Tulum is a walled little city of Mayan ruins

Iguanas all over the place!

The all seeing eye over the east entrance of  one of the buildings...

Super special holy building, within it's own wall, within the walled grouping of buildings in Tulum. Pretty awesome :)

View of the beach from the end of the tour of Tulum

Heading back from Tulum
The men's bathroom at the resort had windows above the urinals. Awkward :)

When we got back from Tulum a few of us decided to go swim with dolphins at a place called Delphinus. It was so awesome :) It's something I've always wanted to do so it was incredible to do it with Daniel and some of our friends :)

I was a little nervous at first. Even though I've always wanted to swim with dolphins in the water they look a whole lot like sharks, something I'm pretty scared of.

Daniel's progression of being pushed by the dolphins :)

My progression of being pushed by the dolphins. 

Dolphin kisses! 

To be continued...

Mexico pt. 2

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