28 February 2013

Hungry Ducks

I've been kind of awful about blogging lately. Sorry about that :) I think going through all the pictures and videos from Mexico got a bit overwhelming (I still have two more days to post about). I think I need to cut myself some slack. Not every post needs to be fabulous :) Anyway, here is some of the latest :)

Daniel took Aurelia for a little duck pond daddy-daughter date while I was on campus doing an exam. I think the poor ducks are ready for winter to be over and for everyone to go back to feeding them all the time :) 

I couldn't believe they were practically eating out of her hand! Obviously she wasn't a huge fan of their nipping but she was brave and enjoyed it :) After the video Aurelia and Daniel ran down the little board walk and scattered the ducks :) They went back into the water and Aurelia told them "Out ducks! Out, out, out!" :) She wanted them to come back out of the water and stand by her again :)

Hooray for a sweet daddy! :)

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