11 January 2013

The Eye Doctor

We're taking Aurelia to a pediatric ophthalmologist tomorrow morning. Her eyes haven't been lining up and the left one keeps getting stuck to the side. My friend (who happens to be Daniel's cousin) said it's pretty common in their family. Aurelia's not a fan of men or getting checked out so I've been trying to prepare her by showing her the doctor's picture and having this conversation a few times a day...

"Aurelia, who are you going to see on Saturday?"
"Me eye doctor"
"And is your eye doctor a girl?"
"No, me doctor a boy."
"And what is your boy eye doctor going to do?"
"Look me eyes." (pokes herself in her closed eye)
"And what does your boy eye doctor wear?"
"A bow tie." 

I even called ahead to see if the doctor usually wears bow ties or if it was just for his picture. He should be wearing one tomorrow :) I'm hoping that if we prepare her as much as possible for what to expect then it won't be as stressful or scary for her. I'm still expecting it to be what it is though, a two year old getting her eyes dilated and checked out. No fun :(

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