31 January 2013


All this time...Daniel has been a SKIP-BO CHEAT!

Tonight it was brought to my attention that I'm not as awesome at Skip-Bo as I thought. Daniel casually mentioned to someone that he "always let's me win" at Skip-Bo. ALWAYS. Let me just explain why that might be a little shocking right now.

It's true, I always win but usually it's a close call, barely winning at the end. I didn't realize this until last week when we were playing and he kept making weird plays to keep himself from winning. I figured he was just trying to let me win because I was having a tough day. THEN, today I find out I'm not freakishly good at this card game we play, I just have an awesome husband :) It only took me 4+ years of marriage to finally figure out he's been LETTING me win the entire time :)

The good news is he says I legitimately win when we play Battleship (he's never won). He SAYS I legitimately beat him. :)

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