16 January 2013

Eye Doctor, Pt. 2

We took Aurelia to the pediatric ophthalmologist on Saturday and everything went pretty well :) When I wrote the "Do you have a baby?" post we were taking her in to our regular family doctor to have her eye checked out and make sure it didn't look like something was wrong with her brain. We noticed it first in November that sometimes her left eye would just drift over to the outside. It looked freaky but everything checked out as far as her brain so we gave it a little time to get better on its own and our doctor gave us a referral to the PO if we wanted to use it. The last few weeks we started noticing it more often so we went ahead and made the appointment and started preparing her :)

So, first, there was the excitement of a new kids waiting room. There was a mural of a lion, hippo and giraffes and they all had glasses except the hippo who had an eye patch! So cute :) In the exam room they had a big picture frame painted black and nailed to the wall and inside the frame was painted blue and ocean-y. THEN they had Finding Nemo wall vinyls all over inside the frame :) It looked like a little fish tank on the wall! Again, so cute. Ack! I should have taken pictures! Next time :)

Anyway, as for the appointment I really do think all the prep helped but it was still kind of rough. The PO was running late (at 8am we were his first appointment) and he didn't have his bowtie actually tied when he walked in the room, it was just hanging around his neck. I think that kind of freaked her out a little because not only was there no bowtie but there was an unfamiliar thing hanging around his neck. He showed her how to tie and once it was done she relaxed a little :)

It was so cool how they did a toddler eye exam :) He had a little clicky toy for her to watch as it moved around, a little twinkle "tinker bell" light that he moved around and put in her hand and some other cute little play/exam things. 

The drops were rough. Daniel held her like a baby while the assistant put the drops in her eyes :( Right afterward though he asked her if she wanted some sunglasses :) Aurelia wears sunglasses aaalllll the time so that helped her perk right up :) 

So the end result of the appointment is that her eyes are healthy. There isn't anything wrong with her vision or the health of her eyes other than the muscle pulling her left one to the side. The doctor said it'll either strengthen and heal on its own over time or it'll get worse, stay to the side and then we'll need a simple outpatient surgery to release the muscle and then she'll be fine. So for right now he'll just check her out in another 6 months unless it gets worse before then. So we'll just keep doing what we've been doing to help her eyes, making sure her hair is out of her eyes and keeping tv time low.

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  1. So glad it turned out well! My daughter had to have that surgery on both eyes, but the good news is that it is almost a year later and she is doing great now. I love good success stories!