31 December 2012

Goodbye 2012

Man, what a year...

We started off the year pregnant, but then on January 9th our world fell apart with our first miscarriage.  I left school for a semester, and through February and March I just tried to survive the heartbreak.

At the end of March our little Toby joined our family.

On April 10th, just ahead of Infertility Awareness Week I made this blog public, and told everyone what we had been going through :)

Then in May, this happened...

On May 16th our adoption application started moving forward again after the second miscarriage and then on October 24th we were approved :)

This year I picked up gardening (with some pretty rocky first attempts) and as a family we planted about 24 sunflowers :)

We put in lots of hard work renovating our duplex...

Our summer was full of playing at the parks nearby, going to the duck pond, traveling...

and tender moments like this one...

Slowly I healed a little...

then healed a little more.

We had one of our first adoption horror stories, the "baby seller" in California. I remember we thought we might have found our child.

There were also the adoption experiences that might stay untold.

Then we had a snow-filled first part of winter!

I wrote the post In Defense of Birth Moms and it became the most read post of the year. The comments and messages we received from adoptees, birth mothers and their friends and family were really beautiful.

And through all of it we prayed...

and played...

And I was reminded over, and over, and over again why I married Daniel :)

So here is to the hopes of 2013. Its on track to be a really great year :)


  1. thank you so much for putting us on your blog! i am wanting to do the same thing here soon. change up our blog a bit and add some "hoping to adopt" families.

    i can't wait to read your blog and your adoption story.

    1. You're welcome! And thank you! :) I kept coming across your blog and profile and you guys are awesome so I thought I'd add you in :) Good luck! :)