28 November 2012

Random Updates

I've been a bit slow on the blog the last few weeks because there hasn't really been much to write about. There is always something going on with adoption but not all of it is something we want to be public knowledge right away. Whenever someone does pick us we won't be talking about it until after placement, and even then I'll only put out information they're comfortable with. Whenever someone scams us (pretends to be pregnant but isn't, or pretends to pick us but told several families the same thing) I won't write about it until after the due date or "due date" just in case by some miracle things work out. I might be over thinking this but oh well :) BTW this isn't my round-about, foggy way of saying someone has picked our family. Not yet :) At least not that we're aware of :)

Anyway, here are a few of the little things that have happened in the last few weeks...

 We picked out a pumpkin either the day of or the day before Halloween.

We go for short walks as a family pretty often and a week or two ago we ran into my friend who lives around the corner from us. She invited us in and we got to hold her new little grandson! It was nice to hold a teeny tiny new little baby :) Aurelia got to hold him, gave him hugs and kisses and held his little hand :) It was adorable and encouraging. We already know she's excited to have a little brother or sister but it was nice to have her react so positively to another new little baby :)

Going for a walk

I needed to work on a presentation for one of my classes, so Daniel and Aurelia had a daddy-daughter date and went to the duck pond while I was working :)

At the duck pond they got super close to a squirrel!

We went to my grandparents' house for Thanksgiving! :) We live less than an hour from each other and I love it! :) Aurelia was so excited to go to their house and kept saying "glama's house?" 

When we got to my grandparents' house they gave us a block set that my great-uncle had made for Aurelia! When we were over there sometime during the summer he had overheard that we were having difficulty finding a simple wooden block set. We didn't want plastic or super fancy anything, just simple wooden blocks. He made this AMAZING block set and even made a beautiful box for them to go in. He cut the blocks in a bunch of different sizes and shapes, rounded the edges and corners so she won't get hurt, and used non-toxic/toddler friendly paint. They're Aurelia's favorite thing to play with now.

Playing with her new block set

A few days ago Aurelia had Daniel hold her baby doll and showed him how to do it properly :) Too cute.

Our little miss has never liked messes or being dirty. I should have known she would have issues with bath bubbles :) She spent most of her bath trying to clean the bubbles off her hands and toys :)

Daddy: "Aurelia, should you play?"
Aurelia: "No."

Oh and then here are some random pictures from one of our park outings at the end of the summer. Aurelia found a big pine cone and a little one and said they were "baby pine cone" and "daddy pine cone" :)

Clockwise from top left: 1) Aurelia showing the daddy pine cone, 2) the three of us,  3) showing the baby and daddy pine cones, 4) Daniel and Aurelia playing with sticks, dirt and pine cones.

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