07 November 2012

Our Blue's Clues Mini Tragedy

Yesterday we had a bit of a crisis in our house. On Monday I took Aurelia over to my friend Amy's house and she had a little play date with Amy's two boys. While at their house Amy gave Aurelia a little Blue toy and a "handy dandy notebook" from the show. Aurelia LOVED them. She talked to her new little Blue and carried it everywhere.

The next day I heard Aurelia yell "Oh no BLUUUUE!!! Oh nooooo Bluuuuue!!!" and found her holding what was left of her little Blue figurine. Toby had gotten to her and her big ears and three of her legs were gone.

Poor little Blue. The perpetrator (Toby) is in the background.

First she was angry. She found Toby and with her fists clenched yelled at him "TOOBBBYYYY!!!"

Immediately after that, with a calm voice she squatted down to his face level and had a serious talk about why she was upset. I was so proud of her!

Then she climbed into our big chair, hugged Blue to her chest and whimpered, "Sorry Blue. Sorry Blue. Sorry Blue."

After mourning in the chair she got up and found a small piece of paper, put it on Blue like a band-aid and whimpered, "Boo boo, Blue. Boo boo, Blue."

When the paper wouldn't stay she went back to talk to Toby again and said, "Toby, no. Blue. Me saaaaad."

I'm pretty sure this was the most heartbroken she has ever been and she was really trying to handle it well. It was so sad to watch! So of course we caved and Daniel suggested we go out to the store and get her a new Blue. The suggestion of "new Blue" helped her little broken heart and as soon as she woke up from her nap it was, "new blue? new blue? Dada home? New Blue?"

As soon as he got home from work we headed right out to the store in search of "new Blue". Unfortunately the store didn't have a single Blue's Clues toy, but fortunately Daniel found one on Amazon and Aurelia was content knowing Blue would be at our house soon.

Of course we aren't going to rush out and replace every toy that is lost or ruined, but I was so proud of her for talking calmly, telling Blue she was sorry she was hurt, and not throwing a fit. Of course it helped her that watching her mourn was so adorably sad.

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  1. Sad story, but so cute!! and yet; so sad! Love you guys.