09 November 2012

Flyers and Pass Along Cards

***The address form can be found at the bottom of this post and in the "Want to Help?" tab.***

Attention everyone who wants to help us adopt! Our adoption flyers and pass along cards have arrived!

I was getting so flustered trying to find a website that would let me do my own, very personalized design the way I wanted it. Then, my fantastic friend Lindsey offered her design talents to help us with this part of our adoption journey. 

Lindsey has her own design business called Lindsey Campbell DesignShe designs logos, business cards, stationery, holiday cards, wedding invitations, birth announcements, you name it. She even did this cute little poster for Aurelia's room earlier this year.

Lindsey was seriously a life/sanity saver. I gave her the picture and said I want a color section in the bottom, I want the color section to be a cooler color (purple, blue, turquoise, etc.), and I gave her the text and said I wanted people to see it and have the first impression be "ADOPTION". I also didn't want it to be very busy. For the business cards I just wanted them to match and be horizontal. I sent the details to her at night and by afternoon the next day she had a couple designs for us to look over. We loved these ones...

5x7 flyer

Pass Along card front

Pass along card back

I really like the bar and cute little 'C' on the side :) No joke, I emailed her probably 15-20 times over the next few days to help me with all sorts of things that really didn't fall into the realm of "designing for us". She not only helped me find and decide on where I would have them printed but then helped me figure out how to use their website. I really didn't want to screw this up. In my defense, the website I ordered from was weird, not easy to use AND they make you pay for your order BEFORE you upload your final design and approve for printing. The print quality was great though. Anyway, Lindsey was SO patient with all my emails and asking for help. If I drove her crazy she didn't show it :)

If you want to have Lindsey design anything for you, you can go to her website www.linseycampbelldesign.com and you can use the code "thefamilyc" to get a 10% discount off of your design.

So this is where YOU, the reader of this blog come in. We now have all these flyers and want your help in distributing them. If you know of a place at your work, church, school, etc. where you can put a 5 x 7 flyer to be seen by many people then please enter your address below or send us a private message and we will send one out to you, along with 2 pass along cards. If you want more of either then just let us know and we'll be happy to send them along. Please only ask for the number of flyers you know you can and will post. If you're one who isn't comfortable telling people "hey I know a family trying to adopt" then this is an easy-peasy way to help us out. 

Thank you again to Lindsey and thank you in advance to everyone who posts a flyer for us!

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