29 October 2012

New Blog Additions

Hello! Alright, we've added three new very important elements to our blog and we wanted to make sure everyone is aware of them. They are all found in the column on the right.

First, we added a direct link to our adoption profile on itsaboutlove.org. That is the website for the agency we are working with (LDS Family Services). This is another place for expectant parents to learn more about us and to contact us. Anyone using that website to look for an adoptive family can search using a ton of criteria from education and location to even things like keywords and pets. So if we meet their criteria then they'll be shown our family profile. People who are already aware of us can also search just using our names or now our direct link here :)

Second, we've added a grab button! Our grab button is the picture with "Hoping to Adopt" over it, and the HTML box below. If you have a blog or website you can copy that HTML code, add it to your site and then our little picture button will show up! Then when people click that button they'll be taken to our family blog right here. This is another way you can help share our adoption hopes with those you come in contact with. If you do post our button then let us know! We'd love to check it out and then add a link to your site under our "Supporters" section :)

Third, we've added a facebook badge. Basically this is just a link to our facebook adoption page. You can click the badge to go to and like our facebook page and then share it on your timeline. Yet another way to let others know we're trying to adopt.

It might seem silly but really, telling people is helpful. We heard about a couple who was able to adopt because a friend's coworkers, nanny's daughter was pregnant and looking to place. Really. You never know who might be considering adoption and looking for a family like us. You can help by telling people about us! :)


  1. Hey :) I don't know you guys, I am a birthmom that placed a few months ago, I am not sure why but I have been looking at your page a lot! Maybe I am supposed to share it, I will put it on my fb good luck!

    1. Thank you Madisen! :) Thanks for sharing our blog and for the encouraging words :)