21 October 2012

Blanket Forts

We love making blanket forts, but I don't think we've made a huge one since before Aurelia was born :) Today we made a gigantic blanket fort in our family room. Aurelia was SO excited when she realized that not only were we making a "tent" but it was going to be humongous :)

In the bottom left corner picture they were yelling "PULL!" :)

Aurelia helping, then taking a break to look out the front window.  The blankets were tight enough that it didn't even collapse when Toby jumped out on top of it :)

Using the timer on the camera turned into a hilarious experience. We were all laughing so hard :) Aurelia was squirming, freaking out about the flashing lights on the camera, wanting to get closer to the screen and push the buttons :)

Having fun in the blanket fort :)

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