08 October 2012

Aurelia's 2nd Birthday

Aurelia's birthday was last month but I've been a little slow getting pictures up. We've been VERY busy with the final adoption steps and the rental renovation. Anyway, here are some pictures from her party :) We had her party at the park next to our adoption office :)

Check out these cute mini-cupcakes I made! I even made the frosting from scratch!

Aurelia LOVES bubbles so we bought a bubble machine for her party :) She loved it :)

Oh, a baby carseat! What do you put in a baby carseat? A baby! 

A tea set from the Greenquists! A purse with all the girly essentials from Auntie Katie and Uncle Greg!

Family picture at the end of the day :) Yes, Daniel had a beard going :)

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