03 October 2012

Adoption Update: Individual Interviews

Yesterday and today we had our individual interviews! First I'll just say I'm pretty sure our caseworker is the coolest caseworker out there. We both really like her, and she doesn't read our blog so I'm not just saying this to suck up :). She's awesome! We are so glad we have her. Kim interviewed each of us about loads of things. Here are some of the things I remember off the top of my head...

- What is your spouses biggest strength? Biggest weakness?
- What is your biggest strength? Biggest weakness?
- Describe yourself in three words. Describe your spouse?
- Do you have any traumatic experiences from your childhood?
- What kind of discipline did your parents use when you were growing up?
- What is your relationship like with your immediate family?
- What kind of discipline do you use in your parenting?
- Do you have any concerns about how your spouse parents?
- Do you feel you're financially secure? On a scale from 1-10, how secure? If not a 10, why not?
- What causes the most conflict in your marriage?
- What were your thoughts when you were diagnosed with infertility?
- In what way do you struggle with your infertility now?
- How does your spouse feel about your infertility?
- What kind of openness do your want in an adoption and why?
- What hobbies or activities were you involved with in high school?
- What hobbies or activities are you involved with now?
- Have you ever had professional counseling or therapy?
- Do you feel that you would benefit from individual counseling at this time?

There were a lot of questions :) Anyway, this is what we have left...

- Before our home visit we're going to finish our birth parent letter and our picture collage for our profile.
- Home visit (next week)
- Kim writes home study document
- Approval!

It should hopefully only take a week after our home study is written to be approved. That means we could be ready in 3 weeks or less! :)

We're at kind of a stressful part of making sure everything is done, done correctly and done well. We're getting so close though :) Please keep us in your thoughts and prayers :)

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