12 October 2012

Adoption Update: Home Visit

Kim came over for our home visit today! She asked us questions about the neighborhood, safety of our home and some basic things. I had wanted to get the last two things (birth parent letter and photo collage) done before Kim came over today but we didn't quite make it. It worked out though because the approval committee meets every week, Kim won't have our home study written by next week and they aren't meeting then anyway. THAT means, the following week (the week of October 22nd) our case will be reviewed and hopefully APPROVED :)

It's been stressful getting to this point for two reasons. The first is all of this preparation determines how we are presented to expectant parents. That means we want everything to be perfect. Not "perfect" like we have no faults, but "perfect" like an exactly accurate representation of our family. We have a very quick opportunity to make a good and all encompassing impression of us as parents and as a family. Yeah, no pressure there.

The second reason it's been stressful is knowing that until we're approved, no one is seeing our family. No one is considering us, or looking at us as potential parents. Everyday there are expectant parents making their incredibly important decision and we aren't even there to be considered. We want to go as quickly as possible to get out there so that we are at least available and there is that chance that we could have another child. Its difficult that right now its basically "until you finish this process there is no way you'll be having a child".

But now...

we are so close :)

Less than two weeks :)

In less than two weeks we will (hopefully) be approved :)

In less than two weeks, even though it is unlikely, we could welcome a baby into our family any day with little notice :)

In less than two weeks we could start being contacted by an expectant mom who found and wants to know us :)

Less than two weeks :) Very exciting :)

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