18 September 2012


Aurelia started Mommy and Me tumbling today! She LOVED it.

I have seriously been looking forward to taking our kids to tumbling classes since way before we even had kids. Tumbling and swimming lessons are two things Daniel and I always talked about wanting to make sure our kids have when they're young. We'll start Mommy (and Daddy) and Me swim lessons next summer and then regular swim lessons when shes a bit older and seems ready. Anyway, I always wanted to do tumbling when I was younger so I was probably a little overly excited to take Aurelia :) She really really loved it and was super excited to tell Daniel all about it :) 

She kept trying to walk on the beam and by the end of the class she was walking across just holding one of my hands. We played with a parachute, did stretching, practiced the beginning of doing a bridge and did jumping and somersaults. She had a pretty tough time understanding the concept of somersaults. Wait, so I'm  supposed to tuck my head under even though I'm going forward, and then go upside down? It was cute. :) She did a good job following the teacher (my friend Kandis who is a fabulous gymnast) and I was so proud of her!

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  1. That's so awesome and exciting! Kids say the cutest things! She's super smart too, I didn't even think about it I just did it, when I was her age. I think it's great to do tumbling, they can do so much as they grow with tumbling.