26 September 2012

Adoption Update 9/26

We had our joint interview today! :) Kim (our caseworker) interviewed the two of us together about our relationship and marriage. It was fun :) We were asked about how we met, our dating/courtship, our marriage, how we show affection to each other, how we handle conflict, what causes conflict in our marriage, how we argue, how infertility affected us individually and as a couple and what role our faith plays in our marriage and family.

It was kind of fun talking about our marriage. It was cool to kind of take inventory and see that our marriage is really good. Okay, that might sound weird but really. We handle conflict really well. We let the little things go and then talk about anything that needs changing or that is bothering us. We've never had a yelling fight, or anything that I would really call a "fight". For both of us we don't really think there's anything that would warrant fighting. I know it might sound fake or cheesy or whatever but really, we don't.

When we were dating it used to drive me CRAZY how much (and how long) Daniel wanted to talk about things when there was an issue, whereas I just wanted it to be "here is the problem, lets find a solution, problem solved, the end." Now though those long talks have paid off. Before we were even married we resolved and decided on a lot of things that can cause trouble in a marriage (finances, responsibilities, etc.). Anyway, it might sound boring but we don't fight and we only argue about silly trivial things that aren't a big deal. The most recent thing we argued about was the elevation of the city Daniel grew up in. Being the geographer I was adamant that there was no possible way that it was the elevation he was saying. It turned out he was right :)

We also talked about our expectations going into marriage and then what it was really like. That part was pretty funny. :) For the most part we had a really realistic view of what to expect in marriage. We didn't have some sugar coated idea that the other spouse would never gain weight, get mad or ever be gross. :) Having a realistic expectation really made the transition from single life to married life kind of seamless. I did tell Kim the biggest change was getting to stay together at night instead of going to our separate homes.  I thought it was fun to brush our teeth and get ready for bed together :) It's silly but that's when it really felt like "we're really married". 

I was EXTRA excited about this interview because we are getting SO CLOSE to being approved. I know that once we're approved it doesn't mean insta-adoption (it could still take years) but it does mean that it COULD happen anytime. 

These are the steps we have left...

- Individual interviews (scheduled for Oct. 2nd & 3rd)

- Home Visit (will be scheduled right after individual interviews)

- Caseworker writes homestudy document (said it will take her 1 week)

- We are approved and our profile is made available

We're getting so close :) Finally, finally. We know it can still take a REALLY long time to be chosen but I really don't feel like it will. Maybe it's just me coping with the wait but I feel like it's going to happen sooner than later :)

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  1. I'm so excited for you guys!! I love your love story!! I will pray you be chosen quickly!!