18 August 2012

Thrift Store

One of our favorite things to do as a family is pick out new books from the thrift store. We have TONS of children's books and we bought most of them for $.25-.75. Board books are usually pretty expensive and Aurelia can't quite handle paper pages yet so it's nice to be able to get board books for under a dollar. On our last trip to the store we brought home eight books and a new picture frame :)

Top Row: 1) Daniel looking through books with Aurelia, 2) The eight books we picked that day
Bottom Row: Before and after of the picture frame we bought. Sanded down and spray painted gray.


  1. Where do you get the books at?

  2. Juliana we get them from the DI in American Fork. They've got loads of kids/baby books :)

  3. I will have to go there- I always look at the Provo one and can never find any!